About Us

About DateOnfire

DateOnfire helps you to get to the heart of dating in a fast, fun and free way. This first of its kind, real-time social dating tool, enabled by the Facebook platform, ignites the spark by bridging the gap between the virtual and the real world.

Many of the traditional online dating sites feel awkward or unnatural and you spend a lot of time filling out profiles and waiting. Somehow, the spontaneity and excitement around meeting someone new seems to get lost in the logistics. Date Onfire is real dating, without waiting:

  • It’s fast because it uses a real time gaming engine to build relationships.
  • It’s fun because it’s a game and it’s socially rewarding.
  • It’s free because we don’t charge you to play.


We’ll help you ignite the spark…and from there, anything is possible.


Watch our CEO, Anton Polski on BNN's The Pitch!