The Team

Fun. Pleasant. Enjoyable. Merry. Delightful. We are a group of people who whole-heartedly believe all of these words should have a forward facing place when meeting new people. Especially Online! Our aim is to provide an environment where you can be yourself and just have fun meeting new people.

We work with our hearts (and occasionally, our minds too!) to bring you a fast, fun and free way to connect with other people, play a game, and finally meet up in the real world. We have tapped into our experiences with virtual and real world gaming, looked at what works and what doesn’t and come up with a way to remove the stress and return the sense of adventure and positive anticipation back to the experience of meeting people online.

Anton PolskiLinkedIn

Anton Polski


Michael StarkLinkedIn

Michael Stark


Gil SteinfeldLinkedIn

Gil Steinfeld


Ben NewtonLinkedIn

Ben Newton


James CorrLinkedIn

James Corr

Product Manager

Garth GutenbergLinkedIn

Garth Gutenberg

Senior Developer

Ryan HallLinkedIn

Ryan Hall


The Mobile Team

Monolith InteractiveMonolith Interactive

Monolith Interactive is a Waterloo, Canada based company specializing in high-end iOS development. They have exceptional ability to deliver elegant solutions to their clients from initial needs analysis, through development, all the way to polished user experience (UX) design. Monolith is a small but potent team consisting of some of the brightest minds in the mobile industry with a growing portfolio of some amazing mobile apps.

The Expert Panel

Smart. Analytical. Methodical. Recognized. These are just some of traits we look for in our expert panel. We have went to great lengths to assemble a panel of world class experts to help us build a gamified service that can help you discover yourself and others around you.

The game mechanics that are used in DateOnfire are carefully crafted based on input from experts who specialize in wide range of academic and technical disciplines. Our game content and environment is specifically designed to capture and interpret the preferences of our customers by analyzing their behavior and answers inside the game. The game is the most important element of DateOnfire. It helps us build an accurate model of our customer’s digital identity and allows us to provide the best possible experience of meeting new people locally and globally.

Katie Plaisance

Katie Plaisance


Larry Smith

Larry Smith

Game Theory

Jan Linder

Jan Linder

Game Design

Advisory Board

Doug Cooper

Doug Cooper

Entrepreneur In Residence Communitech

Tom Beynon

Tom Beynon

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

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